Incubator IN110plus, 108l, 20-80°C

Incubator IN110plus, 108l, 20-80°C
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Order-No.: IN110plus Price on request for 1 piece
Incubator IN110plus, natural convection, with TwinDISPLAY, 108 l, working-temperature range at least 5 °C above ambient temperature to +80 °C, setting range +20 °C to +80 °C, with 2 grids, outside stainless steel door, inside glass door, electronically adjustable air flap from 0 to 100 % in 10 % steps, Ethernet interface for reading out protocol log, uploading programmes and for online logging, USB port on ControlCOCKPIT for use of USB stick, multiple overtemperature protection, internal data logger with storage capacity of at least 10 years, calibration facility; works calibration certificate at +37 °C; textured stainless steel exterior: 745 x 864 x 584 mm; stainless steel interior: 560 x 480 x 400 mm; voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz; max. electrical load: approx. 1400 W
(-) Technical data:
Product type description: IN110plus
Nominal volume: 108 l
Minimum operating temperature: 20 °C
Maximum operating temperature: 80 °C
Voltage supply: 230 V AC


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