Perforated stainless steel shelf, Typ 110/160

Perforated stainless steel shelf, Typ 110/160
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Order-No.: B00325 Price on request for 1 piece
Perforated stainless steel shelf, Typ 110/160

Accessory of:

  • ICH110C
    Climate chamber ICH110C, with CO2 control, 108l, 10-50°C with humidity 10-80%rh
  • ICH110L
    Climate chamber ICH110L, with light, 108l, 10-60°C with humidity 10-80%rh
  • IF110
    Incubator IF110, 108l, 20-80°C
  • IF110plus
    Incubator IF110plus, 108l, 20-80°C
  • IF160
    Incubator IF160, 161l, 20-80°C
  • IF160plus
    Incubator IF160plus, 161l, 20-80°C
  • IN110plus
    Incubator IN110plus, 108l, 20-80°C
  • IN160plus
    Incubator IN160plus, 161l, 20-80°C
  • SF110
    Steriliser SF110, 108l, 20-250°C
  • SF110plus
    Steriliser SF110plus, 108l, 20-250°C
  • SF160
    Steriliser SF160, 161l, 20-250°C
  • SF160plus
    Steriliser SF160plus, 161l, 20-250°C
  • SN110plus
    Steriliser SN110plus, 108l, 20-250°C
  • SN160plus
    Steriliser SN160plus, 161l, 20-250°C
  • UF110
    Universal oven UF110, 108l, 20-300°C
  • UF110plus
    Universal oven UF110plus, 108l, 20-300°C
  • UF160
    Universal oven UF160, 161l, 20-300°C
  • UF160plus
    Universal oven UF160plus, 161l, 20-300°C
  • UN110plus
    Universal oven UN110plus, 108l, 20-300°C
  • UN160plus
    Universal oven UN160plus, 161l, 20-300°C